zynk Design

Latest News

zynk Evolves Gym Brand Design for CityFit
July   3,  2018
zynk to design Digme Fitness' flagship London studio
June   12,  2018
The Bankside - Health Club Re-design by zynk
April   10,  2018
zynk appointed by FirstLight Cycle
April   6,  2018
zynk completes third INTENCITY HIIT training studio design
March   17,  2018
Immersive Virtual Studio Design Concept by zynk
January   18,  2017
Digme Fitness Opens 2nd Site in Oxford
January   18,  2017
zynk Complete their 8th Gym Design for CityFit Poland
July   12,  2016
zynk continues as Gym Designers for the Gym Group
September   21,  2015
zynk give Intencity the urban vibe for Fusion
July   18,  2015
zynk give lift to new Trampoline chain Oxygen FreeJumping
June   5,  2015
Athlete Lab Sydney, Singapore and now London
April   22,  2015